On the warmest day June has seen so far, these two eloped in the most perfect way.  They met at Friends on eighth and said their vows with their families encircling them. It was intimate and wonderful. It was about time these two tied the knot and everyone knew it! So after we all shed tears, our hearts exploded with excitement for this lovely couple! These two are dear to our hearts and it was such a pleasure to capture this sweet day for them. After their ceremony, we ran off to this little enchanted forrest we found and took some dreamy photos! Followed by a reception with close friends + fam. Like always, the cake was my favorite part. I mean, look at it?! This day was perfect. Absolutely perfect. Congrats you two!

John and I love you guys with all of our heart! Be easy. 


Victor & Hillary are literal perfection. Which makes this one of my favorite weddings of the season.

With their closest friends and family, this love affair was intimate and equally rad. The rain tried to stop this amazing day but we all agreed that a little sprinkle never hurt no one so we did what we had to do! Needless to say, everything about it was wonderful. The most amazing grooms cake I've ever tasted, perfect old school music, fireworks, the best of company, lights under the stars. It doesn’t get much better than that.

If I could, I would photograph this beautiful day again and again. I’m going to revel in this one for a while. Congrats you two! So much love for you guys. 

FLORAL DESIGN: Charles Montgomery



Zach + Kaley.
They are two of the sweetest, funniest, down to earth people I’ve ever met and they have a kind of love that everyone should strive for. They melt my heart!
Zach truly looks at Kaley like she put the sun in the sky. Love these two.
Had such a blast hanging out with them and I cannot wait for their wedding in the fall!


Everyone meet Matt + Abby.

The day began with a beautiful drive up to High falls right at dawn. We spent the morning running through mountains and streams, dodging bushes and getting our shoes dirty. When you do all of that and more, you end up with pretty bomb photos. Not to mention, these two are melt worthy and gave me butterflies during their entire session. They had the most hearty laughs followed by the best humor, love for thrills, adventure, and an enormous love for each other. I want this day to happen again and again. John and I had the best time with these two! 
Needless to say, they made staying up all night to make sure we didn't miss the sunrise,
extremely worth it. 



Where to even start? I had the best time running under the sun with these two lovers. I feel like I’ve been friends with them for ever. They’ve got such an awesome energy that they both contribute so much to, they are most humble and sweetest couple. Thankful for these incredible humans. Hope you enjoy their love as much as I did!