I’m the one who wants to run wild with you and your love and chase the sunlight. I believe in love.  I believe in real moments. I want to document you and make you feel your best. I want to make you feel alive through a photograph. I want to learn your hearts and photograph them.  It’s my passion to document every individual detail of your story down to the core. And most of all, I'm all about raw, genuine moments and real emotion. Even if your mom is ugly crying and the best man is taking shots of whiskey before walking down the aisle. My work is equal parts of myself, yourself, and authenticity. I crave passion between humans. I don’t want to be a random person in your life that you're hiring to take photos , I want to be your friend. You deserve all of me.  I am driven by my constant inspiration and heart for humans. I want to sit down, get to know you. Then photograph you to show who you are. I promise that if you give me your trust, I will make you feel beautiful, fueled by the love and passion I have for photography.  I'm Natalie, and I want to be your photographer, Your go-to girl.