We met the summer of 2010.  We came from two different worlds.  I was raised in Alabama and John is from Southern California.  I knew when i met john that something about him would stick with me forever.  He became my best friend first and slowly became my first love.  When John returned from the military in the summer of 2013 we started our journey together. In spring of 2016 we said our vows and started forever, together.  I began photography years ago, it's always been a passion of mine.   John is a master of fine arts as well as a photographer.  We decided to go into this together because we truly feel connected to every couple we meet.  Real love is our thing.  We want to capture yours in a way you'll always want to look back at and remember. We are drawn to couples who don’t want just wedding photographers, but want to have storytellers who can document their love story from start to finish.  We are drawn to couples that don’t want a traditional wedding, because they understand how unique their love is.  We are drawn to couples with a love like ours.  We are drawn to passion.  We are drawn to couples who are adventurous and understand that love is the greatest adventure of all.